Exercising on vacation: the 4 activities you absolutely must try this summer!

Summer is (almost) soon, and some of you are going to take advantage of the seaside to recharge your batteries . I cheat a bit, because I live in a country where it’s summer all year round, but suddenly I had time to test for you 4 sports activities at the top , which I invite you to try if you haven’t already! Something to stay fit without thinking about it, and incidentally to spend the calories duly ingested as an aperitif (I’m not going to yell if you already have your hand in the packet of crisps, that’s it. summer and relax, it’s nooormal, but try not to overdo it either ?)

In the summer, it’s important to keep challenging yourself – it might also be a time to discover a new passion, who knows!

plongée sous marine quel sport faire cet été

1. Scuba diving

I’m not going to be objective at all, but diving remains my HUGE favorite this year, on the sport side. It takes a bit of preparation and a bit of knowledge, but it’s by far the most enjoyable activity you can find at the beach – especially if you live in Paris and the seabed you only see them. ‘in Windows wallpaper.

What is the principle? Go see the seabed without worrying about returning to the surface, thanks to an oxygen cylinder and a regulator. Depending on the level of certification, you can go deeper and deeper, and if you don’t have time, you can do a baptism session, to discover the equipment and quiet discipline.

Why do I recommend it? Because it’s a really new feeling. We don’t think about anything anymore, we focus on what surrounds us and on our breathing. A real moment of calm and discovery, which is really good.

Who is it for? Those who have always wondered what to find in the depths of the ocean. Lovers of nature, silence, good swimmers.

a little advice: do a baptism (you never know, there are people who cannot stand the feeling obtained once several meters below the surface, or the rhythm of breathing) and if you like it, pass the certification straight away. The PADI is earned by passing a theory test and a practical test after a few training sessions, and it’s well worth it.

How do we equip ourselves? Wetsuits are often loaned by diving clubs, but you can also buy your own if you plan to dive often. Long models, like this one, are best for dives at a cold top (I personally get cold very quickly, so I take long even in tropical waters) but the short versions also work. (For technical clothing in France, I find that the Planet-Sports site is quite extensive, by the way!)

2. the wake board

quel sport faire l'été wakeboard

For that, you don’t need the seaside (although it’s nicer when you’re dragged by a boat, but I’m getting there). We find a cable park near our house, we put on our best life jacket and we get ready to drink the cup at the beginning.

What’s the principle? A board, quite similar to that of a snowboard, on which you clip your feet. We are then towed by a mechanical force, the goal being to stay upright on the board, then to succeed in making turns and jumps.

Two options: The first, we go to a cable park, and we are towed by a circular mechanism, and there are obstacle modules arranged here and there for the bravest.

The second, you find a body of water where you can call on the services and gear of a pro and you are towed by a motor boat. This makes it easier to stand on the board (since the boat gradually accelerates), but you rarely have obstacles on hand to practice the jumps.

Why do I recommend it? Because it’s really fun and you are progressing quickly. The beginnings are a bit perilous (especially getting up on your feet!) But we quickly get the hang of it and have fun for good. It’s obviously easier if you’ve done board sports before, but it doesn’t have to be!

Who is it for? Fans of skiing and thrills. Those who are not afraid of aches either, because the days after heavy sessions are often painful, in the arms, back and neck (because we tend to tense up .. especially at the beginning!)

How do we equip ourselves? For me, the most important thing is to have a helmet that fits you – because those in wakeparks are usually too big, and you deprive yourself of a lot of the protection. So obviously you choose a water resistant model and, if you plan to do tricks (or try them, at least) you can also add a back protector or a vest with an integrated back protector.

3. Surfing

surf sport faire l'été

Nothing screams “vacation” more than surfing, right?

What is the principle? We have a big board, with a small fin underneath, and the goal is to get on a wave and slide and carry as far as possible. (I’m schematizing to death, eh, obviously there are a lot more techniques to discover afterwards, but standing up is not bad already!)

Why I recommend it? Because it’s a good way to play smart on the beach! More seriously, it’s a complete sport, and a new way of seeing the sea. It requires muscles, balance, and it’s a good way to meet very cool people, since the first sessions are done in group.

Who is it for? Good swimmers (you need strong shoulders, both to stand up on the board and to swim into the waves)

How do we equip ourselves? Surfing poses 2 main problems for the skin: friction with the board and the sun. We therefore protect the upper body and arms at least with a bathing t-shirt with sleeves. And if you live towards the sea / ocean, you can also invest in your own board, which quickly pays for itself!

4. Kite Surf

What is the principle? A board like a wakeboard, always water, but above all a sail, which will be used to generate movement.

Why does Paul advise it? Riding sensations found in snowboarding, skiing, surfing. The feeling of speed, the potential thrill of weightlessness that can be mastered with practice and the slight danger of hurting yourself (since you are on the water – but be careful to always wear a helmet anyway, accidents happen! )

Who is it for? Those who are not afraid to get wet (you absolutely have to know how to swim). On the other hand, no specific constraint in terms of fitness: even without being a seasoned athlete, we find our place there, it calls more on endurance than on pure musculature! It takes about twelve hours to be “ok” on the board (ie being able to ride “upwind”, in the headwind to avoid being deported) but .. a little more if you want to try the figures .

How do we equip ourselves? Like wakeboarding or surfing, protection above all! You can wear a nice bikini underneath, but don’t forget the long-sleeved t-shirt, the vest and the helmet! A tight stocking, such as leggings, is also recommended.

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