How to beat cellulite? The effective anti-cellulite tips!

Aaah, defeat cellulite. A fight for many women (and men too, eh, don’t believe it!) Today, we will take stock of this, and all start again from the beginning, because there are a lot of misconceptions about it

First of all though, I will remind you that when you have cellulite, there is no death of men. You will see the figures a little lower, but this ‘is a VERY VERY widespread phenomenon: you certainly have it, and .. me too. So we stop taking the cabbage. We can reduce it, maybe even disappear, it is not irreversible, and even if it remains: we promise, everyone is doing it except you ?

1. Already, cellulite, what is it?

Simply put, they are fat-laden cells . And they are so full of fat (it sounds dirty like that, eh?) That their storage capacity is saturated and the vessels can no longer drain it. water and toxins. Suddenly, it ignites, and it pills. We are therefore talking about an inflammatory phenomenon .

Is it serious? Not really. But that often poses an aesthetic concern: that “orange peel” aspect that women dread so much.

2. Where did this come from ? Who has it?

This is kind of the good AND the bad news: everyone can have them. Especially girls anyway. But keep in mind that about 85% of women have them. Even the very fine ones. So we don’t psycho.

What is cellulite about? Several factors:

  • overweight (even if it is not mandatory, it is a contributing factor, since the more fat you have .. the more cells are likely to reach saturation , that goes without saying.
  • hormones
  • circulation problems : anything that can interfere with the blood or lymphatic vessels in their work, basically. So if your blood circulation is poor or if you are retaining water … it works against you on the cellulite side too.
corgi cellulite boire

There are therefore 3 distinct types of cellulite:

  • fat cellulite : this is caused by the accumulation of fat. It is visible by pinching the skin and is not painful.
  • watery cellulite : it is caused by water retention, which prevents the lymph from circulating. Suddenly, it pills. It is visible, but it is not painful when you pinch the skin.
  • fibrous cellulite : this is the most difficult to dislodge. This is old cellulite, which has hardened, and which will have to be fought hard. It is visible and painful when pinched.

3. How do I get rid of cellulite?

There are lots and lots of tips out there to get rid of cellulite effectively and sustainably.

But to summarize, we have 2 levers of action: to desaturate the cells of their fat (therefore by losing fat, so either by increasing your physical expenses, or by reducing your intake), or helping circulation. The ideal, however, is to combine the two.

It seems obvious, but let’s say it again anyway: you can force your metabolism to draw on its reserves by increasing your physical activity.

2 ways to do it here: we either opt for a long and regular but not very violent expenditure (and in this case, we opt for cardio) or we abrupt our body by making a short but more intense effort (of the muscu for example). Either way, fitness is a great way to fight cell engorgement!

And this is another way to reduce your body fat and therefore desaturate cells. With a balanced diet that is slightly low in calories, we force the body to draw on its reserves. On the other hand, we absolutely forget diets completely without fat, because the body will tend to retain even more the fat that it already has in these cases (I invite you to read the article “why you should eat fat ”if you haven’t already.)

And the other solutions, then?

I tend to put aside the creams that promise to erase everything: they only act on the outer layer, and can give a smoother appearance … but they do not solve the problem. problem below!

Massages, on the other hand, which can help drain, are a very good idea. To do this, either go to a beauty salon, or take advantage of each shower to massage your legs and buttocks from bottom to top, going up towards the bust (and especially not the other way around, it’s bad for circulation)

If you have really encrusted cellulite, you can, in addition to a sporting activity and a more balanced diet, turn to treatments such as LPG, which is practiced at the physiotherapist and which are a palpate-roll automated by a machine, really effective! (on the other hand, on the one hand, it hurts a little, on the other hand, it is useless if you do not make an effort with : the cellulite will return to lodge as long as your habits will not have changed!)

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