I tested for you: the G-loves weight training gloves

Are you looking for pretty but above all good quality weightlifting gloves? Tired of wearing Domyos gloves? I sure have what you need!
It won’t surprise anyone, because I have been wearing G-loves gloves for .. eh, almost 3 years already. I bought my first pair because I wanted to add a little color to my trainings, and I’m on my 3rd pair – because yes, they last super long. I had never thought of doing an article on this subject (also because I wanted to keep this discovery a bit to myself, I admit: x) but since I spoke to the brand , I discovered a super nice team that deserved to receive more orders, so… here is my review and my opinion on G-loves products! ( and yes, there is a discount code surprise at the end of the article!)

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Why wear gloves for bodybuilding & fitness?

When you’ve never tried to train with gloves, you might think it’s a bit superficial. However, it only takes one workout with it to realize that this is what we had always missed!
Reason # 1: We have better grip . If like me, your hands are slippery, pull-ups, farmer walks and other deadlifts can be a bit tricky. Gloves (quality gloves, I mean, since most mass market gloves are useless at all in this case)

Reason # 2: We hurt our hands less. Like the Spartan Races, We’re not gonna lie to each other, if you practice a lot you’ll still have calluses inside your hands, eh. In fact, applying moisturizer regularly can reduce this effect a little. Gloves, on the other hand, greatly limit pain and wear and tear on the hands. It’s true in the gym, it’s also true during sports events – during which gloves are THE thing to remember, so as not to get splinters or burn your hands on ropes. .

Reason # 3: It looks great on any outfit. I admit, I used to have ugly gloves bought from Decat. The grip was bad, but above all, they were pretty nasty. The advantage of having gloves that are visible (like the G-loves gloves 😉) is that it gives (oddly enough) an additional motivation to train: the first time I received my gloves Mermaid, I was very proud to bring them to the gym, and since… the feeling hasn’t gone away. It’s a bit like buying a new pair of sneakers or a flashy new sports bra: you want to use it right away and do wonders with it.

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About G-loves:

It’s an American brand that produces in the USA (which is rare, since a lot of fitness products come from China now) and created by a sports enthusiast & sports coach (who I had the opportunity to talk to and who is really cool.)
I stumbled upon their site by chance while looking for new gloves, and I really liked the flashy and unique aspect of the products. At the time, the shipping costs were charged (and super expensive), but since then they are free, even for France! 😀

Gloves workout G-loves:

Like I said, I own 3 pairs of workout gloves from home and I can’t imagine training without. It’s become a kind of gri-gri, and I don’t see buying another brand at all.

The pros: They are pretty, super quality and the designs are unique – zero chance of seeing a pair in your gym. They are well cut (I wear XS) and the grip is provided by a special material on the inside of the palm. They tighten with a scratch and they go to the machine without worry.
On the longevity side, they are literally indestructible – each pair lasts 1 year, and yet I wear them every day.

Cons: well, if you want to go unnoticed, this may not be the brand for you: the designs are very flashy and you can spot them well. There are one or two very understated models, but the rest … get ready for sequins and lace. Since they are made in the USA, the delivery time can be a bit longer, and they cost a bit more than entry level gloves .. but as a regular consumer, I can say it’s worth it!

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Other products:

If I know them mainly for their bodybuilding gloves for fitgirls, they also have:
Men’s bodybuilding gloves (I gave my boyfriend a pair for his training and he is happy with it, the gloves are rather small). The designs are less frilly, but the quality is there!

Gloves with gel reinforcements for sports with a lot of support such as yoga, pilates or dance (the range is called Gelometrics)
Bands for protect your wrists (“wrist wraps”) for bodybuilding

Weight lifting belts to protect your lower back during deadlifts in particular.

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