aquabiking thefitnesstheory

I tested for you: aquabiking

Thanks to the Try & Do Pass, I had the opportunity to test an aquabiking session (or aquabike. Cycling in the water, whatever.) Since I know that some of you are looking for new activities to practice, let me tell you what I thought. ?

More info about the Vel’eau Aquabike studio that I had the chance to test at the bottom of the article (if you’re in Paris, take a look!)

The aquabike: What is it and who is it for?

It’s a cycling session (RPM style) immersed in a swimming pool or on foot , which lasts 40min.

the process is simple: 1 warm-up session (5-10min) + 30min session (endurance, small reinforcement exercises) + stretching ‘about 5min

The audience was 100% female during my session – and given the exos, I think it’s a discipline aimed at women, overall. To try for those who want to lose weight (because it’s still cardio) and tone up – the weights are very light, so we develop little muscle mass.

It’s also cool to get back to sport : you don’t feel too much effort – but you really work – and eventually, you get some real body aches afterwards. It remains an activity suitable for all levels and all age groups , so don’t be afraid to get started.

Note: we spend roughly 300kcal per session, which is far from negligible.

It’s also good for blood circulation , it drains not bad so we limit the “orange peel” effect, and then it’s endurance, so it’s super good on the cardiovascular side.

Last point: you have to remember to hydrate during the session and after , because it quickly causes big aches in the calves: p

What did I think?

the +

  •  It is relatively complete work on the body : the legs of course, since you are pedaling, but also the arms and shoulders during recovery, and a few sets of abs and ‘exos for the back.
  •  obviously, all the health benefits mentioned above : calorie burning (so potentially weight loss, if the nutritional side follows), cardio work, the zen side afterwards.
  •  It changes from what you can usually do indoors, the water relaxes a lot and drains , and you go out feeling very light (and a little tired, but not at the end of his life: practical if we want to do a full day, or if our session is during lunch break.)
  •  The session is rhythmic, the music comes together, and we have a good time . (And to be honest, I’m a former swimmer, and it’s nice to be back in water sports. As a bonus, you don’t even have to get your hair wet . is the practical asset: p)

the –

  •  40min is a bit short for my taste. Afterwards, it’s more because I’m used to big 1:15 trainings – and suddenly I was missing a bit. : p
  • the resistance of the bike is not adjustable as with RPM. Suddenly, no way to adapt his session to his mood / physical strength of the moment.

Ultimately ..?

I will probably go back once in a while, to replace my cardio. But I’ll add it before or after a big muscle-building session – something I miss a bit with the aquabike. Afterwards, for people who want to get back to sport or lose weight, I can only recommend . The atmosphere is cool and not at all judgmental, it’s a far cry from the “challenge” atmosphere of the gyms, and it’s a great way to burn calories.

aquabiking thefitnesstheory

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